Keeping the Blues Away During the Colder Months


Winter is a season of festivities, family celebrations, get-togethers, and a wide-array of holiday gatherings. But it is also during the cold winter months that a feeling of loneliness could sneak up on you. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or not, the winter blues can make you nostalgic for happier days with family and friends you have not seen for a while. But spending the holidays alone for whatever reason does not have to be a depressing time for you. You can always find ways to beat the blues away to stay happy during winter and enjoy the season to the fullest. Here are different ways to stay happy during winter and make the most of the cold days ahead of you.

Spend time outside

One of the best ways to be happy during the winter months is to go for long morning walks. The seasonal depression known as SAD is often caused by lack of daylight exposure. Combining a healthy dose of sunlight with the mood-boosting effects of exercise as well as the feel-good effect of connecting with nature can give you the good cheer that you need.

Eat for health and wellness

Do not let Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and other holiday gathering feasts ruin your healthy diet. Weight gain is just one of the worrisome things about overindulging in food and drinks from all the holiday feasting. Some foods can cause or aggravate stress, anxiety, or depression. If you want to stay happy during winter, make sure that you eat healthy and avoid junk foods at all cost.

Avoid overindulging in alcohol

Waking up with hangover on a cold winter day can be depressing apart from the usual physical effects that you have to deal with. While it may be hard to avoid alcohol during the holiday revelries, you can limit your consumption or pace yourself to ensure that you do not suffer from hangover the next day.

Get social

Socializing with friends and meeting new people can improve your mood. Do not let chilly temperatures hinder you from going out with friends or working out at the gym. Surround yourself with people, interact, and connect as often as you can to drive away the blues.

You do not have to be a winter person to make the most of the season. While the biting cold can sometimes dampen the holidays’ festive mood, there are many ways to ward off the blues and enjoy the winter to the fullest. Watch the snow fall, take long walks and marvel at the beauty of things around you that are blanketed in snow, sit by the fire while sipping hot chocolate or tea. Whatever you do, just focus on the simple pleasures that winter brings.

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